SA Company’s Unique Algorithm To Advance AI

July 17, 2017 • Southern Africa, Startups, Top Stories

The team behind the success at Xineoh.

As technological advancements continue to develop around the world, a company based in the unassuming corner of Bloemfontein, South Africa, is starting to make waves internationally.

Having already generated in excess of $30 million in revenue for clients across the globe and attracting the interest of international investors, Xineoh is fast becoming a pioneer in the AI and machine learning space with their distinctive algorithm bearing similarities to those used by the likes of and Netflix, which tap into user behaviour to predict potential purchasing behaviour and serve users bespoke information likely to incite conversion.

Yet, unlike these tried and tested models, Xineoh’s algorithm relies on available rather than inputted information, creating associations based on the way other users have interacted with the same product or service, thus enabling it to be used across a wide variety of industries and generate uncannily accurate recommendations.

Xineoh’s prediction rate currently sits at about 14.5% – a massive step up from international competitors, who typically sit at between 3 and 8% – and a previous version of its algorithm has already been effectively used by one of the world’s top real estate portals to reduce its cost-per-lead by 60-80%.

“What makes our solution so special is the fact that it’s entirely scalable and easy to deploy across a wide range of sectors,” explains CEO, Vian Chinner. “Ultimately, our aim is to help businesses move customers as efficiently as possible from first contact through to conversion, using artificial intelligence to tap into the real causative factors proven to drive purchasing behaviour.”

Streamlining the streaming experience

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