‘Ruthless Ryders’ biker stunts prompt outcry from cops, drivers

California Highway Patrol leadership is livid after it said about 50 members of the “Ruthless Ryders” biker group blocked traffic while performing illegal and dangerous stunts this weekend.

The freewheeling motorcyclists flaunted the law numerous times as their tricks were caught on camera by commuters stuck in traffic.

“It upsets me,” CHP Sgt. Nathan Deal told Fox 11. “I’ve always been a law and order guy, so watching them just flaunt the law and think they can do whatever they want, it’s pretty disturbing; it’s disturbing for motorists, I hear all the time that these motorists are just tired of it.”

One bike on Saturday tried to stand on his bike with no hands and fell off, hitting his head. He later died in a hospital despite having worn a helmet.

While driving with his wife on Sunday, Raul Zavaleta filmed another group of riders performing stunts such as wheelies, during which one woman fell from her bike.

“So we’re filming it, and this one guy is doing a wheelie, and he has his girlfriend on the back of the motorcycle and once he comes back down off the wheelie, she fell off and starts tumbling down the [highway], and I was like wow that’s kind of crazy,” Zavaleta told Fox 11.


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