Red Hat’s Boltron snaps together a modular Linux server

Red Hat’s ongoing experiments with making its Linux distributions more modular and flexible have yielded a new sub-distribution of Fedora.

Dubbed Fedora Boltron Server, the new prototype server project uses the various modularity technologies that Red Hat has been building into Fedora. Its goal is a Linux distribution in which multiple versions of the same system components can live and work side-by-side, non-destructively.

One of the problems Red Hat has cited with a traditional Linux distribution is that versions of the software packages shipped with the distro are typically tied to the revision of the distro itself. If you want to reliably upgrade one package, you must reliably upgrade all of its dependencies. However, in some situations, the user might need a heterogenous mix of product versions that might not be supported.

Red Hat’s Software Collections partly address this, but Red Hat wanted to implement something that worked as seamlessly as possible with the latest-generation package management system in Fedora, both for the sake of the end user and for the maintainers packaging the software.

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