Real-Life Mario Kart Rides? Not So Fast, Says Nintendo


MariCar lets people speed through the streets of Tokyo dressed as Mario, Luigi or others from the Mushroom Kingdom. But a lawsuit by Nintendo threatens the business.

Shizuo Kambayashi/Associated Press

Plumber’s outfit? Check. Mustache? Check. Go-kart? Check.

The only thing this provider of real-life Mario Kart services seems to lack is permission from Nintendo.

A legal dispute in Japan is threatening to shut down a business providing go-kart rides on vehicles that look a lot like those from the video game franchise that inspired untold bouts of hand cramping. Nintendo said in a lawsuit filed in a Tokyo court on Friday that a company called MariCar was offering Mario Kart-style rides without its permission.

MariCar provides Mario onesies, mustaches and LED shoes to its customers. In its lawsuit, Nintendo said the company did not respond to its trademark…

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