Put an End to Your Worries – Increase the Life of Your Heart

Cardiology is medical science dealing with the treatment and prevention of the disorders caused in heart due to inadequate balanced diet or malfunctioning of certain blood arteries that cause chest pain, or irregularities in the heart palpitation. Physicians who go through the deep and thorough study of this science are known as cardiologists. Heart disease may also be caused due to consumption of alcohol as it causes high blood pressure, strokes and cardiomyopathy.

Cardiologist in Delhi differentiates the heart disorders in the form of heart attacks, heart strokes, irregular heartbeats, pain in chest, high blood pressure and shortening of breath. These disorders cause discomfort in the body, pain in neck and jaw. People suffering from cardiac disorders may sometimes act casually to the symptoms as it takes a long gap between the symptoms and the identification of the heart disease.

Heart Specialist in Delhi considers that birth control pills also lead to heart strokes due to…

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