Protein-antioxidant combo proves effective in post-exercise recovery

A combination of protein and antioxidant supplementation could be more effective in reducing muscle soreness post exercise compared to those taking these supplements separately.

Study findings that look at the 24-hour period following strenuous exercise found combined protein and antioxidant supplementation (PRO + AO) tended to better aid recovery.

Subjects were also better able to maintain constant muscle force as the study found less perceived soreness over time compared to protein alone (PRO) or a carbohydrate (CHO) control. 

“A combined protein antioxidant supplement is likely beneficial in the recovery from eccentric exercise,” said the research team based at Skidmore College in New York.

“The findings may be relevant for novice exercisers or in athletic or occupational scenarios where a repeated bout is required before full recovery is allowed.”

The current study adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the benefits of not only ingesting protein following high intensity exercise but the effects of a PRO + AO supplement.

Athletic activities such as CrossFit, wrestling, powerlifting and tennis, or occupational activities seen in the military or firefighting duties involve high intensity and/or eccentric muscle contractions.

This is combined with repeated bouts of exercise within a 24-h period, with as little as 0–6 h between efforts, or on succeeding days. 

In response to mechanical damage, muscle fibres release pro-inflammatory substances that aid in repairing the damaged tissue.

Though antioxidant supplementation is unlikely to change this response, several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of anthocyanin-rich supplements, in reducing the decline in muscle strength due to exercise-induced muscle damage.

Similarly, post-exercise supplementation with a whey protein supplement has been shown to enhance recovery of muscle function within 24 h of eccentric exercise in untrained individuals.

This enhanced recovery is likely due to…

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