Princess Diana had ‘a lonely miserable life inside the palace,’ biographer claims

Princess Diana was reportedly at her wit’s end when she decided to put her trust in a British journalist to tell her heart-wrenching story that involved a reported secret battle with bulimia, suicide attempts and a husband who couldn’t give up his mistress.

Andrew Morton penned the 1992 biography “Diana: Her Story,” which was based on the secretly recorded conversations between the princess and her friend, James Colthurst, before her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996. And even 20 years later, after her death at 36 in a 1997 car crash in Paris, Morton still wonders why she chose him.

“It’s a question that’s always perplexed me,” the 64-year-old told Fox News. “[But] she knew I was sympathetic to her. She knew I was writing a biography on her. She knew I knew some of her friends… She tested me out with a couple of stories to see how I’d do… And the fact that I was independent of newspapers, of television meant that I could do her bidding… And I think all of those factors came together, with a deep desire to tell her story.”

Morton recalled his experience in TLC’s upcoming documentary “Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason?” It is one of several specials airing to coincide with August 31, the date of Diana’s passing. He explained questions for the royal were written out and then given to Colthurst, who reportedly passed them on to Diana. She would then record her responses and the tapes were used to help Morton write his book.

“It was a sign at that time…

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