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Aileen M. Jensen of Boxberry Hill Road became fired up for civic engagement during the last presidential election cycle. Now, she hopes to funnel her newfound passion into protecting public resources as a member of the Falmouth Public Library Board of Trustees.

“It’s not that I think it makes me look important or that I want to add it to my resumé; it’s that I want to help people in Falmouth,” she said.

Ms. Jensen, 47, grew up in Southborough and attended University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in American thought and culture.

During her college years, she spent her summers working on Cape Cod, and upon graduating she moved into an apartment in West Falmouth.

She has worked as an administrative assistant at a variety of institutions over the last 18 years, including the Woods Hole Group, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Chapman, Cole & Gleason and the Marine Biological Laboratory, where she currently works.

She has also been an active volunteer in the Falmouth Public School, participating in the Falmouth Volunteers in Public School (VIPS) program as her two sons have come up in the public school system. Ms. Jensen has volunteered in the “Kids Town” children’s program at Cape Cod Church every Sunday since 2011, where she works at the registration desk. She also served as a secretary of a Falmouth Cub Scout pack for a time.

Prior to this town election, Ms. Jensen had not run for any kind of elected office in town government. She was inspired to run for the board following her involvement on Cape Cod for Bernie Sanders in 2015 and 2016.

“That was the first time that I felt passionate enough to stand up and say to people, ‘This is important,’ ” she said.

As part of the organization, Ms. Jensen ran educational tables outside grocery stores, handed out pamphlets and campaigned on Cape rotaries.

Ms. Jensen was active in the group and encouraged others to take action, but she said, “You can’t really expect to encourage folks unless you’re doing things yourself.”

“That was kind of an eye-opening, really positive experience for me, and I just decided to become more involved on a community level.”

Ms. Jensen chose to run for library board of trustees specifically because she values literacy and the community resources and public programming the library provides to Falmouth citizens. She is also running for Town Meeting member for Precinct Eight.

“My goal in running is to be able to help benefit the community as a whole, and to benefit people who don’t get to speak up for themselves. I’m happy to represent other people,” she said. “I really feel that I am protecting and providing resources for everyone in Falmouth.”

If elected, Ms….

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