Pothole patrol crews across Orange County flooded with work after heavy rains

Heavy rains are leaving road hazards behind long after flooded intersections have dried and downed trees have been removed.

Work has quadrupled for Anaheim Public Works crews in the last two months as they hustle to fill crumbling holes in the roadways.

On average, 300 to 400 potholes are filled a month, city spokesman Mike Lyster said. In January, crews filled 1,600.

This month, Anaheim has filled 1,000 potholes marring its 578 miles of streets.

“Normally, potholes are not a very big issue, but once the rain comes, it really deteriorates the road,” Mike Ogle, Public Works operational superintendent, said.

While the welcome rain is offsetting the state’s decades-long drought, it’s taking a toll on roads and infrastructure. Several Orange County cities are seeing an uptick in pothole damage following the succession of winter storms that have hammered the region, some dropping 2 to 4 inches of rain in a day.

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