Poetic Phrases For The New Year For My Dear Soprana, Elena Georgian


Let Us Convene As Artists


A poem of all the lovely thoughts and ideas I hold for my dearest soprano, Elena Georgian. Elena Georgian not only being my friend but a lady whom I wish to represent as her manager in the world of opera that she might gain the fame which is owed to a lady of her talent and passion for opera.


Let us convene as artists

let our minds bring hence spirit within

to flights of fancy as to draw colors

upon the sky of images

to capture grandeur of imagination

so richly bestowed upon us

let us nay encounter in adoration

as folly of fools to with false creed declare

theirs with baseness which be cast as love

let ours engulf the matter of souls

to compose beauty for the eternal

as deities and angels be adrift in the heavens

shall we in inferno meet if the passion

of our art descend to the stench of adulation

to firelights of powder that so decorously

make bright the night as to fade away

so soon as hath cometh yet remaining but acrimony of smoke

ay to…

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