Parents Should Be Happy Teen Vogue Wrote About Anal Sex

Recently, I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, and I came across a video posted by a woman who calls herself “The Activist Mommy.”

“Mommy’s” video rant was focused on the magazine Teen Vogue. It was one of those posts that triggers an immediate response in me—I sat watching with my mouth gaping open and pulse racing. Was she for real?

In her video clip she talks about how this magazine, which according to her has a target audience of 11-17-year-old “children,” is printing a variety of sex articles. She talks about one article in which anal sex is discussed, or as she called it, sodomy! “They are teaching our children how to be sodomized!” Sodomized?! Who even talks like this anymore? Why do the religious right, whenever arguing their side, end up talking like a Shakespearean play? “Don’t let thy children fall prey to the evil sodomites!”

If the sodomy comment didn’t already have me chomping at the bit to respond, what followed sealed the deal: “We shouldn’t even be talking to our ‘children’ about sex!” Wait! Hold the phone! Did she just say we as parents or adults should NEVER bring up the topic of sex with the younger generation?! Is she serious? So let me get this straight, instead of talking to our kids about all the incredible changes their bodies will be experiencing and all the various emotions and stimuli they will be encountering, instead of maybe even buying an issue of Teen Vogue and using the articles as a fantastic jumping off point for sex education purposes with your kids, this woman would rather sacrifice her own children’s knowledge for ignorance, or as I’m sure she likes to call it, innocence, and use this magazine to do it!

By the way, I took the time to read the Teen Vogue article this woman believes to be so destructive, and found it to be extremely informative and professionally written. The article was fair and honest and never said anything about whether or not you ever even have to…

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