Our Inexhaustible Universe and the Abundance in Us

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the father of Early Transcendentalism, fully understood the beauty of simplicity in nature and the universe. Furthermore, he understood we live in an inexhaustible universe. To align with this intelligence, in the course Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law of abundance, it is stated that…Abundance is all around us.

Our true nature is that of abundance because we are woven into the fabric of the universe. Therefore, we must take care to work as the universe works. The universe always utilizes those things that are simple as a seed to manifest the greater thing. The simplicity of nature and the universe is the seed of abundance, but abundance itself is the inexhaustible aspect of nature as identified by Emerson and other transcendentalists.

We see it all the time in nature. We can take a look at a fruit orchard. Every sweet savory fruit we eat begins with a seed. These seeds germinate and become fruit trees. Each tree is only one seed that germinated and became a tree. One simple seed becomes many fruit with many seeds. The simplicity is the seed and the inexhaustible is the fruit orchard.

Every inventor will tell you, that his invention began with the simple knowledge of a simple thing and he or she used that simple knowledge and simple thing to create a great thing. Every business person who has reached a level of greatness in his or her field or niche will tell you that the business began with a simple thing and he or she expanded from the simple.

Abundance begins with simplicity, but abundance is inexhaustible. This abundance is only a reflection of our inexhaustible universe. This reality not only gives hope and inspiration to us, but it imparts the knowledge that lack and scarcity are an illusion created in the minds of those who do not understand abundance.

Abundance is all around us and one only has to choose to walk in divine flow, the path of prosperity, in order to experience it. We can live with an abundance of love and devotion, wealth and success, wellness and health, peace and order, and knowledge and wisdom. It is all available to us.

To begin to operate in divine flow and experience prosperity, we must eliminate all illusions of scarcity and lack. These illusions are created by fears we develop by relying on the ego. The ego creates these illusions when we reject our true desires and our true self which is our Inner Being.

How does this apply to abundance and our inexhaustible universe? When we don not understand that the universe and nature is inexhaustible, we live by the illusion of lack and scarcity. This illusion causes us to hoard the idea (for fear there will not be another one) which becomes the invention or hold on to the seed which produces the fruit orchard. As a result, the seed and the idea eventually dry up and die.

As we grow and become who we truly desire to be, we will find that this universe is inexhaustible. We will find that simplicity the seed of abundance. But most importantly we will learn that by letting go of the illusion of lack and scarcity, we can see the abundance that is all around us. With this abundance, we will live well, live wise, and live wealthy.

Carmellita M. Brown is an author, online publisher, and
Holistic Life Specialist. She invites you to join the online course
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Universal Law of Abundance
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