Oscar-Winner Kenneth Lonergan Talks ‘Manchester by the Sea’

At the Academy Awards Sunday night, Kenneth Lonergan won his first Oscar after four nominations. He won the award for Best Screenplay for his film “Manchester by the Sea.” The movie stars Casey Affleck, who plays the role of Lee, a broken man who returns to Manchester following his brother’s death.

Lonergan’s screenplay is a subtle yet deeply observed meditation on the fracturing of a human soul. We talked with Lonergan back in December about how he wrote “Manchester By the Sea.” In particular, we asked him about one pivotal scene in the movie where Lee is silently clutching a plastic bag as he watches an unimaginably terrible scene unfold in front of him.

“I more or less tried to imagine the scene as if it were a real scene and write down what I saw,” Lonergan said. “And I had this image of him clutching onto this bag of groceries, and when we went to shoot the scene he’s holding onto the groceries, and then he puts the groceries down and he picks the groceries back up when he gets…

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