Opinulate Launches New Social Media App ‘Pinion

‘Pinion: Now Available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store

“I really believe ‘Pinion has the power to change the way social media platforms are used.” – Trevor C

Midwest based tech startup Opinulate launches their app: ‘Pinion. A truly new player in the social media world, ‘Pinion is a free app that allows users to ‘fill in the blank.’ With an elegant design and intuitive interface that support both photos and video, users can pose, respond to, or merely enjoy scrolling through endless fill-in-the-blank queries. From the meaning of life to the world’s best french fries, there are no limits on what ‘Pinion users can ask, answer, share, and experience.

Inspiration to Development

When discussing the impetus for ‘Pinion’s creation, founder Paul Chapin states: “What better way to gauge the social perception of a topic than to frame a query with a strategically placed blank space? I grew up watching TV game shows like Family Feud and Match Game, and it was fun guessing how people would ‘fill in the blank’ and wondering what the ‘survey says’.”

The process of development involved a multi-year exploration of the app’s potential, including building iterations and a community of beta-users out of Minneapolis, MN. With a full team behind it, ‘Pinion has flourished from an idea into a relevant social media platform.

A Community that is Inquisitive, Responsive and Fun

  • “As a user I appreciate that it delivers exactly what it promises. In this digital age we go to the Internet for everything. We are constantly curious about what others think, and this app solves that craving in a fun way. I enjoy reading all the off- the-wall answers; they often give me a giggle while on a break in the…

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