Operation Safe Summer: Pregnancy safety in the heat

(WSAV) – It’s not officially Summer yet, but already the sweltering Savannah weather is causing health challenges for some.

Many of us know what precautions we need to take as the temperature heats up.

But research over the years suggests the oppressive heat can be especially troublesome for expectant mothers.

It’s 9:30 A.M at Savannah’s Daffin Park and the members of Fit4Mom Stroller Strides are on a mission to stay fit and raise healthy babies:

“Trying to keep them in the shade, and I urge them to bring fans for the kiddos, cold cloths, cold snacks, certainly keep ice in the thermos,” says Owner Ashley Youngblood.

The group exercises six days a week, and sometimes, the workout can be exceptionally grueling, especially when it’s hot outside.

Breanna Wommack explains, “Our heart rates like just shoot up.  I know mine is like constantly at 120 when I’m pregnant.  It’s very high, and when I’m working out it gets like 180 which is pretty dangerous and really dangerous for the baby too.”

All of these moms were either pregnant or delivered their babies during the hot summer months.

“Your inner core temperature really affects the child so you’ve gotta make sure that stays low too.  That’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated.”

Ashley says the group remains mindful of the dangers that mothers can face when being exposed to extremely hot weather conditions.

“We modify the exercises for all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. I’m always looking at what the high is going to be or if it’s going to rain because we do have that option of moving inside.”

Extreme heat can certainly cause an expectant mother to become dehydrated and feel generally sick.

“Pregnant women have a higher core temperature when they’re pregnant usually about a degree. Plus they have a lot more circulating blood volume. They become dehydrated more easily and all that is dangerous for the baby.”

“Pregnant women have a higher core temperature…

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