On the same page: Utah book club members get in touch with their wild side

Hannah McDonald, Deseret News

Cindy Lund, of the Insights to Conservation book club, recommends these seven novels.

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Cindy Lund is the founder of the Insights to Conservation book club, which meets monthly at the King’s English Bookshop and reads books about environmentalism in the Western United States. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

How did this book group start?

Cindy Lund: I started it because I wanted to read this type of book and I wasn’t doing it on my own. The kind of book I read on my own is sci-fi, fantasy, thriller — this gave me the opportunity to read books about the environment in the West and share that with other people. I think (my interest in environmentalism) started with learning about the spotted owl way back when. … I’ve been interested in environmental issues ever since I read that story in the paper in the ‘90s.

What are you reading right now?

CL: The book we’re reading right now is “Coyote America.” It’s about how … people have been trying to get rid of coyotes since they ran into them. And there’s some very interesting developments that now coyotes no longer just live in the West. They live in every state in the union except for Hawaii because they haven’t figured out how to get to Hawaii yet. They live in New York City, they live in Los Angeles. They’re in Alaska, they’re in Florida. So it’s just the story about their…

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