Nutritious, Versatile Bean Soup Makes Eating Healthy Easy

If you’re trying to eat healthy, beans are one of the best foods you can add to your menu. They’re hearty, filling, a good source of protein, and an outstanding source of fiber. Without exception, they have a very low glycemic index, so their impact on blood sugar is minimal. In short, beans are where it’s at nutritionally, but how to prepare them? One of the most versatile and delicious ways to get a full serving of beans is in a basic bean soup puree, which you can garnish in a variety of tempting ways. You can make one batch of soup, keep it in the fridge all week, and serve it in a completely different way each time you have a bowl.

This recipe calls for two cups of dried beans, soaked overnight. Dried beans are especially good for you because they don’t contain a ton of added sodium, which you frequently see in canned varieties. However, if you want to go ahead with this recipe and don’t have the time to let beans soak, you can use three cans of pre-cooked garbanzo beans with…

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