NPG Head Calls on Senate to Improve House’s Legislation Curbing Sanctuary Cities

Don Mann, President of Negative Population Growth, warns that illegal immigration to the U.S., after a lull in the recession of the last decade, is growing strongly again, contributing materially to U.S. population growth. He called for prompt Senate action on HR 3003, the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, passed by the house.

Mann is particularly concerned by recent studies of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) showing that overstays of persons here on temporary visas may now be more than 600,000 yearly. That number exceeds those who cross the border surreptitiously and further jeopardizes U.S. internal security and effective law enforcement. Mann warned those hoping for early U.S. population stability that unrestrained illegal immigration may well add six to eight million persons to the nation each decade, while stimulating increased births in subsequent years.

The existence of sanctuaries is also an incentive to those now here illegally to remain and others now abroad to join them. These rising numbers heighten the need for all state and city law enforcers to cooperate fully with Federal agents in combating illegal immigration, Mann explained.

NPG’s President also considered that growing enclaves of immune illegal aliens has other serious social consequences. More Americans in sanctuary states and cities will fall victim to the rising numbers of sheltered foreign career criminals. And sanctuary cities, with their growing illegal work forces, are gaining unfair competitive advantages in labor costs over the sizable majority of U.S. jurisdictions that are cooperating in Federal removals.

Mann called HR 3003 a “reasonable and balanced remedy.” He noted the act would reinforce local and state governments’ obligation,…

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