NPG Forum Paper Links Population Growth to Worsening U.S. Groundwater Scarcity

After President Trump’s 2018 budget cut $2 billion in funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – which included money earmarked for groundwater cleanup and restoration projects, Negative Population Growth (NPG) will release a new Forum paper today highlighting the link between population growth and deteriorating U.S. groundwater resources. Unfortunately for pro-growth optimists, the paper begins with a warning: “we face an increasing demand for potable drinking water to serve the nourishment needs of our ever-growing population. …Yet it is almost inevitable: the limited groundwater in America’s already threatened aquifers will be drained at an ever-increasing rate to fill the gap.”

In the new publication, dedicated researcher and longtime NPG author Christopher J. Daly reviews the dwindling supply – and diminishing quality – of our nation’s groundwater. Filled with shocking statistics illustrating Earth’s truly limited quantities of this life-giving resource, Daly rejects the prevalent conviction that present conservation methods will preserve our water supplies for the long-term – or renew them within a sufficient timeframe. Titled America’s Groundwater: Are We Doing Enough to Save It?, the new Forum paper echoes NPG’s concerns that our growing human numbers are creating a domino effect on Earth’s natural resources – which are ultimately limited.

Daly notes: “Groundwater is being used up at an ever-increasing pace. And lower levels of this valuable resource in key aquifers mean less local water for the communities, farms, businesses and wildlife that depend on the water lying in the earth beneath them.” The paper also highlights why dwindling supplies of groundwater are of major concern in the…

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