Nick Offerman Says Western Civilization Is Going To Hell

Fast food has taken over America, and it’s safe to say Nick Offerman is not lovin’ it.

“I feel like, really, Western Civilization has been going to hell in a handbasket since the Industrial Revolution in terms of blindly consuming whatever colorfully wrapped sandwich that we’re handed,” Offerman told The Huffington Post.

The actor stars in the based-on-a-true-story tale “The Founder,” alongside Michael Keaton and John Carroll Lynch. The movie reveals how McDonald’s “founder” Ray Kroc (Keaton) swindled the McDonald brothers out of their own restaurant and created an empire, not caring who got in the way. It’s a story that often gets compared to Donald Trump’s.

“I feel like exposing the true story of the origin of the McDonald’s company as envisioned by Ray Kroc is part of the breakdown, the erosion, of some of that consumerist blindness … to have a small role in communicating those true stories to the public is very meaningful to me,” said Offerman.

The actor isn’t a McDonald’s fan (if that wasn’t clear enough), but that didn’t stop him from sharing McNuggets of wisdom with HuffPost in honor of the movie, which is now coming out on DVD

Ray Kroc in “The Founder” gets a lot of Donald Trump comparisons.

It took [the filmmakers] 10 years from the time they had the idea to actually get into production. So, when we shot the movie it was still before the campaign started, so we really had no idea that we were making a Donald Trump analogy, but it certainly came home once it all worked out and telling this story of an American capitalist who was very successful without ever putting much substance into his product. He was a showman who slapped his name on the right buildings and ended up taking millions of people for a ride.

What would Ron Swanson say about Donald Trump?

I can’t fully speak for Ron Swanson because smarter people than me were writing that role to which I was but a contributor, so I asked Mike Schur, our head writer, what the answer to the question was, and he said that Ron would think very little of anybody that made the transition from business to politics. That would be his main vote against the orange one. But also, Ron was a great respecter of all people … especially women, so he would really think Trump was shameful because his behavior is so demonstrably disrespectful of women.

Do you ever go to McDonald’s?

The funny thing is, probably once or twice a year because I’m a touring artist. Once or twice a year, it’ll be one in the morning, and I’ll be dizzy because I missed my dinner. There’s no choice but to hope that I see a McDonald’s along whatever freeway I’m driving on through Manitoba. And when I do that, I try to get a Filet-O-Fish. To my understanding, that’s one of the less offensive [items]. I’m a huge fan of a burger, but I prefer my burgers to have a meat product known as beef in them, and those McDonald’s sandwiches don’t really fit.


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