New Port Richey Chiropractor Performs Manipuflex(TM) on PGA, Two Time Major Champion, Pro Golfer John Daly

John Daly

That was amazing and I have never felt or undergone something like that in my professional career.

Ever since launching his new Manipuflex(TM) procedure late in 2016, Dr Scott Coletti DC of Baywest Health & Rehab in New Port Richey has had a stream of satisfied patients who have experienced this revolutionary protocol.

The procedure is the next level in chiropractic care and involves an elaborate maneuver which ‘Tractions’ the Spine to decompress the joints thus relieving any pressure and pain in that area of the patients complaints. It’s ideal for anyone with joint pain, joint discomfort, or aching joints.

The protocol is gaining traction in both the immediate community and especially on the online world where…

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