New Fox News Polls: Trump's Handling of Key Issues

By Dana Blanton

A Fox News Poll taken as the Trump administration nears its 100-day milestone gives mixed messages to the president.

President Trump’s job ratings are underwater by three percentage points.  Currently 45 percent approve of the job he’s doing.  That’s down slightly from the 48 percent approval he received when he first took office — and far below Barack Obama’s 62 percent approval and George W. Bush’s 63 percent approval at this same point in their presidencies. 

Trump’s victory came from voters’ desire for change — a big part of which was “draining the swamp.”  Yet only 43 percent think the president is succeeding in bringing real change to Washington.  More, 50 percent, say he’s failing.  

Some 46 percent think Trump is keeping his campaign promises in general, while 44 percent disagree

By a 23-point margin, voters say the United States is less respected rather than more respected compared to one year ago (52 percent less vs. 29 percent more). 

That all leads to over half feeling “discouraged” (51 percent) rather than “encouraged” (45 percent) about the next four years.

It also leads some to tune out.  During the first few weeks of the new administration, 52 percent said they were paying more attention to politics (February 2017).  That’s 33 percent now.

Vice President Mike Pence outperforms his boss:  50 percent of voters approve of the job he’s doing, while 33 percent disapprove.  Sixteen percent are unable to rate him.

Roughly equal numbers of Republicans approve of Pence (85 percent) and Trump (86 percent).

The new poll has positive news for the White House, too.

Two-thirds of voters approve of Trump using airstrikes to punish Syria for chemical weapons (67 percent). 

The number saying the economy is in “poor” shape is lower than it’s been in more than a decade. 

By an 18-point margin, 52-34 percent, voters see the nation’s job situation improving — the first time since 2004 that more…

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