New Book Explores Public Hospitals Privatization

The comprehensive lack of or inadequate knowledge and experience of facility management knowledge in the medical and healthcare field has prompted Hong Poh Fan to write “Privatization of Facility Management in Public Hospitals: A Malaysian Perspective” (published by Partridge Singapore).

The book explores the transition that public hospitals have undertaken with the support of the private sector. He zeroes in on critical issues, including successes and challenges of privatization implementation, hospital experiences in a Southeast Asian context and how those experiences can be applied elsewhere and the ways that private development of hospitals has changed over time as well as the rationale of privatization.

“My book provides the experience, knowledge and relevant data and information for planners and implementors of healthcare facilities like hospitals, large clinics,” the author says. “It provides an insight of the experience of the author in the execution and implementation of hospital support service and hospital facilities management in Malaysia. However this experience can be relevant to any countries in the world be it developing or developed. Challenges and issues highlighted by the author can be of use to those intending to embark on such project for their organization or country.”

The author learned about this topic from his personal experience and participation in the various disciplines and activities in hospital support services and facilities management as acquired by his interactions with the Ministry of Health, the concessionaire companies and within SIHAT, an organization in which he is the project director of one department.

“Privatization of Facility Management in Public Hospitals: A Malaysian Perspective”


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