Native Americans have actually been there since the beginning, say archaeologists – Archaeology

Native Tribes of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada have oral traditions going back time immemorial, that place them in the region from the beginning. Now a genetic study of ancient skeletons and existing tribes shows that the unwritten history was apparently just so.

Rosita Worl, president of the Sealaska Heritage Institute in Juneau and a member of the Tlingit tribe, says that the Tlingit and Tsimshian tribes migrated west along British Columbia’s Naas River to the coast, before spreading north and south. Thanks to a fortuitous discovery and unprecedented cooperation between native tribes, archaeologists, and geneticists, scientists were finally given the ability to test that theory.

On Your Knees cave

In 1996, the National Geographic Society sponsored a major paleontological expedition of the On Your Knees Cave in Alaska at the behest of Timothy Heaton, a paleontologist from University of South Dakota.  It was Heaton who discovered what would turn out to be 10,000-year-old human bones.

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