National Rail Museum – A Storehouse of Rich Heritage of Indian Railways

History and main objects on display at the National Rail Museum

The National Rail Museum is located in Delhi’s Chanakyapuri district. There was a need to preserve the rich heritage of Indian Railways at one place, which is why, this museum was constructed. It was open to general public on 1st February 1977. Till date, it is one of the most-visited tourist places in Delhi. There are numerous railway exhibits in this museum that have not failed to impress the history lovers. Set up on a sprawling area of 40,000sq.m, this museum is a huge repository of all information related to Indian Railways, their antique models and other interesting features right from the day when they were incorporated. Some of the excellent masterpieces that are exhibited here are the following:

Morris-Belsize Fire Engine – This was constructed during 1914 by the reputed fire engineering company Messrs. John Morris and Sons Limited. Currently, there are only two models of this type in the world. One is located in Delhi’s National Rail Museum and the other is present at Enfield and District Veteran Vehicle Department of the Whitewebbs Transport Museum in London. However, the one at London was changed to make pneumatic tyres. This means that the fire engine found at Delhi’s museum is currently the only original product in the world.

Saloons of the Prince of Wales, Indore Maharaja and Mysore Maharaja – The exclusive saloons were personally designed for these dignitaries and are known for the precious metals used like gold and ivory.

Electric Locomotives of Sir Roger Lumley and Sir Leslie Wilson – These original locomotives are not in use today. The design, working methodology and the sound produced by these locos are very unique and hence these original pieces are preserved carefully in the museum.

Patiala State Monorail Tramways – Originally constructed during 1907, this service was operational until October 1927. This unique monorail exhibit is one of the major tourist attractions of this museum.

Fairy Queen – This is another interesting exhibit in the museum. This is the name given to the world’s first steam-operated locomotive in working condition.

Delhi Metro captured perfectly in the Metro Museum

The Metro Museum in Delhi assumes great significance because it is for the first time in the South Asian continent that a museum of this kind was opened. This museum is located at the metro station of Patel Chowk. Another interesting feature about this museum is that it is the first museum in the world to have been opened in an operational metro station. This museum houses all interesting facts, pictures and information about the Delhi Metro Corporation. This museum perfectly captures the efforts taken for 32 years by the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) to bring the metro rails into operation on various sectors.
What is exhibited?

People visiting the Metro Museum will be thrilled to find out some valuable information like the fundamental technology in which the metro trains operate, ethics and style of work that is found in DMRC, the importance of spirituality and the essence of Bhagvad Gita, techniques used to finish the projects on time, the evolution of the process, issues encountered while putting the project into practice, history behind the construction of world’s second deepest metro, Chawri Bazaar station, technical know-how of the Delhi metro (special facilities for the differently abled, automatic controlling of trains etc.), records of the historic first day of operations when around 1.2 million people waited in long queues to buy tickets etc.

For Museum lovers, this National Rail Museum holds significance. Priyanshu Rawat went to the museum to get an insight into the rail transportation of India during the earlier time. He has noted down interesting facts which are etched below.

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