Nation Ford High biology teacher gets her students excited to learn – Story

– It doesn’t take a scientific study to prove that science teacher Kathy Seastead is getting results in her classroom.

“The kids just gravitate toward her she’s so enthusiastic,” said Jason Johns, Nation Ford High School’s principal.

“She always has a smile on her face whether it’s test day or anything she’s always smiling,” said one of her students.

“She’s incredible she’s one of those people me and you as parents want our kids to be around so we are blessed to have Ms. Seastead here at Nations Ford High School,” said Johns.

Which is one of the many reasons why we’re recognizing Ms. Kathy Seastead, FOX 46 Charlotte’s Teacher Getting Results.

“I was so surprised. I was not expecting this as teachers we tend to be very humble I do what I do because I love working with kids and most importantly I love biology and want my kids to love it as much as I do,” Seastead said.

This honors biology teacher and AP environmental science teacher gives her all in the classroom.

“She really changes the kids’ lives and how they view living in a community and natural resources,” said Johns.

“She deserves it because she pushes us hard and she’s a great all around teacher,” said another one of her students.

When students come in through her doors, they know they’ll be getting the “Seastead experience.”

“When they come into my room they know for 90 minutes there’s gonna be an experience is what they say. I try to have them up moving around and I try to have a lot of one-on-one time with them to make sure they understand what we are talking about,” Seastead said.

“She’s always happy and I love it this is my favorite class of the day. I love coming in…

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