Myrtle Beach creates new blog to share information, ‘set the record straight’

City of Myrtle Beach enters the blogosphere, (Sydney Glenn/WPDE) 

The City of Myrtle Beach has a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and now a blog.

The blog, “Myrtle Beach Point of View” is the newest addition to the city’s social media presence, which is run by the city’s Public Information Department.

Officials say the goal of the blog is to share the city’s side of the story.

“We are not trying to create a propaganda page. We want you to know that this information is coming from us and that it’s the city’s point of view,” Mark Kruea, Public Information Officer said.

He says it will allow the city to speak to residents and visitors about what is happening in the local community.

“This gives us a chance to address issues of concern. Sometimes the community may hear something and what they hear is not quite right. This gives us a chance to set the record straight,” Kruea said.

City Council member Mary Jeffcoat said she’s excited about the blog.

“This is our effort to get the news out, get the news out correctly, get the news out quickly on those items, which Mr. Kruea said are very detailed. It’s not something you can splash on Facebook or put on Twitter,” she said.

This gives the city a chance to give detailed responses to some big stories, Kruea said.

“For example, about the shooting from June, to show the city’s full response so that everyone is so everybody has an idea of what reality is,” he said.

The blog is not a direct response to the Ocean Boulevard shooting caught on Facebook Live, Kruea said.

Since that shooting, the city has increased their safety efforts.

“The police department is doing everything they can to keep people safe. They were doing that before the June shooting and they’re doing it afterwards. Have we stepped up some of those activities? Absolutely we have, and we will continue to do so,” Jeffcoat said.

She said this will…

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