Myers Jackson Texas Flip and Move Star Auctioneer Auctions an Up State New York Hop Farm

Hops Farm Auction

“Hops farm ?” he asked..yes I believe I can..the answer.

Myers Jackson Texas Flip and Move Star to Auction New York Hop Farm

“Hops farm?” he asked..”yes I believe I can”..the answer. Myers Jackson was speaking to Allen Olmsted a New York Real Estate Broker and well known for making land deals happen. Allen listed a 180 acre farm that needs to be sold right away. He has relied on the marketing expertise of an auctioneer. That Auctioneer has been called America’s Auctioneer, well known on the hit reality show Texas Flip and Move. “Yes the show is about selling renovated houses” says Myers Jackson, member of the Certified Auctioneers Institute, also an Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate. The marketing tactics are basically the same, however I partner with agents that have specialty real estate expertise” says Jackson.

Buyers will have one week to place the final offer on the 180 acre farm near Albany, New York.

Excerpts from the Auctioneers website noted:

Craft beer is booming these days, so hop farming is booming as well. It must be because of the main ingredients to make beer is hops. Having well drained loamy soil is key for farming tactics, also a pH of 6.5 to 8 for best results. Some fertilizers like potassium, phosphates and nitrogen is essential. Those folks who like the do it yourself projects use manure compost in combination with commercial fertilizers. Plenty of water is a must.

This is all great but now consider a place to start your hop farm. As noted in a recent property there were a total of 180 acres, however only seven acres were being used for farming the hops. This indicated that you may only need 5 or ten acres to accomplish your goals. Buying a 180-acre farm may not fit your green thumb desires, however if you need more land look at larger tracts. This could diversify your land investment for other purposes as well.

People are really getting into this hop farming. This is a recent quote from a grower in a yahoo group talking about the experiences on his farm so the help on your farm is close by…

“Yes, there are trellises that go 16′ in the air. The strings start about 12 inches above ground. For all my other plants … the vines get about 16″ long quickly and I take the strongest and twist’em around the twine and they just take off.  But the test plants aren’t sending off any vines that would climb … the just look like ground cover … nothing over 2″ long and that is mostly leaves!” …Wow he got lots of advice from many other growers in the network.

Look at other considerations such as the area or space around your farm, seems like 12-20 feet of space is needed. The more growth the better your harvest. Vertical growth is the best, commercial…

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