MTL Blog Writer Pretends Years-Old Restaurant is Actually New

“Alternative facts” have found a home in Montreal: earlier this week, local content mill MTL Blog discovered Outremont Syrian restaurant Damas, prompting writer content fabricator Emily Draicchio to offer up glowing words about the “all new authentic Syrian restaurant.”

One problem, though — Damas has been open for pretty much the entire decade. And it’s unlikely that it was a slip of the keyboard — in just 148 words, the Van Horne restaurant is described as “new” three times (and once more in the headline).

Damas has been on Montreal’s restaurant scene for over five years — and while it did close and reopen in a new location after a fire, that was in 2015, meaning anything novel about it is at least two years old.

This problem could easily have been avoided with mere seconds of Googling: type “Damas Montreal” into the search engine and a clearly dated 2015 review from the Gazette appears prominently.

MTL Blog

Confusingly, Damas — which is run by Syrians — is also described as merely “Syrian-themed”, suggesting that a centuries-old culinary tradition is just a theme, like “tiki” or “unicorn”. It’s not themed Syrian, it just is Syrian, in the same way that MTL Blog isn’t “bad content-themed” — it just is.

It’s unclear whether the mistake was made out of sheer laziness or ignorance, or a more cynical attempt to knowingly make things up for the sake of fresh clicks from the kind of youth interested in restaurants described as “Lit AF”. Either way, it’s an error that Draicchio has made multiple times — just within the last two and a half weeks.

On July 25, Lachine falafel spot Maison Chickpea got the write up “Montreal Opens All-New “Falafel” Restaurant” — it opened in fall 2016. If we’re really stretching the definition of “new”, on July 10 downtown restaurant Tangia was also described as…

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