Movies at Magnuson Park end, but is crime really up?

A seven-year tradition at Magnuson Park is coming to an end over security concerns.

SEATTLE — A seven-year tradition at Magnuson Park is coming to an end — at least for now.

Organizers have canceled the rest of the year’s outdoor movie showings at the park, citing “security concerns” that have “evolved into public safety issues” at the park.

But police say there is no surge in crime there

During last week’s screenings, there were incidents in the park that required police officers to handle, said Doug Borneman with Epic Events. The week before, Borneman says, a fistfight broke out between some teenagers and security had to escort them out.

Seattle police confirm they received two robbery reports after last week’s film. Both involved teenagers who were stealing bags or phones from other teenagers.

However, a Seattle police spokesperson told KOMO News there has not been an uptick in crime in Magnuson Park.

SPD says during the past two months the department has seen only two reported robberies and one assault.

Some parents have expressed concern on Facebook about recent muggings targeting teens during the event.

“Magnuson Park doesn’t seem like the best fit for our event any longer,” Borneman said. “It’s been a good home, but the current situation wasn’t the right fit.”

The cancellation left many people disappointed and frustrated.

“You could definitely tell the movie night was going on because when you come to practice, there would be nowhere to park. The entire parking lot was full,” said Ben Gustasson, who is often at Magnuson for rugby practice and games. “When people are just trying to come out and do something as relaxing as watch a movie and then get mugged on your way out? It seems pretty unfortunate and pretty low.”

However, some people don’t feel Magnuson Park is safe at night during those events. Mandy Dallas lives feet from the venue and says her kids tried to go once four years ago but quickly turned around.

“They came back…

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