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The “Alien” franchise has always been a battleground for the philosophical and physical tussles for dominance between human, alien and artificial intelligence.

While “Alien” set up the themes, character types, and iconography of this universe, 2012’s prequel “Prometheus” established an origin story and philosophy, bringing up questions of faith, spirituality and the risks of creating life.

“Alien: Covenant,” once again directed by Ridley Scott, explores the fallout from the events of that film, while offering a rich terrain for an epic battle between the differing forces in this world.

The humans in the story are a plucky crew of space explorers; a tight-knit group of couples piloting a ship of colonists to a new planet that holds their dreams of a fresh start and new life.

When a random shock wave hits the ship’s solar recharging sails, damage is incurred, lives are lost, and the team is diverted from its course.

A rogue, seemingly human, transmission offers the opportunity to explore a closer, previously hidden planet, so they decide to try their luck — though this roll of the dice is made under some objection.

Rogue transmissions, planets that seem too good to be true, and a motley crew of space explorers? It sounds a lot like the “Alien” we know.

“Covenant” uses the mythology established by “Prometheus” and fuses it with the story and character types of “Alien.” Scott explores the tensions between spirituality and science, faith and family, emotional and analytical intelligence, and manages to do all that in the style of a slasher horror film.

“Covenant” rips through plot points and action set pieces with the speed of a xenomorph ripping through flesh. The story is a whirlwind smash-and-grab as the group is slowly pulled in…

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