More damaging revelations against Trump

Last week, more damaging revelations surfaced suggesting that President Trump is careening dangerously toward impeachment. According to the latest reports, two top intelligence officers said that the president told them to tell the public there was no evidence of collusion between his campaign team and Russia during the presidential election.

This action by Trump was prompted upon learning that FBI chief James Comey would begin investigating possible links to the Russian’s involvement and their intentions to interfere in the election, thereby giving Trump an added advantage.

The two intelligence officials—Daniel Coats, director of National Intelligence and Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency—both turned down Trump’s request to do his bidding, saying it was inappropriate.

If any of this claim holds up under scrutiny and testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, it could bolster the other yet to be confirmed claim of cozy relations between Trump surrogates and Russian officials, including the ambassador to the U.S.

One of the first casualties of this intrigue was Mike Flynn, the former national security adviser, who was dismissed. He has refused to cooperate and respond to a subpoena. Reports are he will plead the Fifth Amendment.

Next to go was FBI Director Comey, who Trump fired after he refused to cease his probe, and then told the Russians that he was a “nut job.”

Monday, Comey was scheduled to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, but his testimony was postponed. His appearance, when it occurs, will be a matter of whether he and his memo of the meeting with Trump will carry the day.

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller, a former director of the FBI has been appointed a special counsel, a move that is approved on both sides of the aisle.

More than one pundit has deemed this drama Nixonian, although it’s not exactly the same conditions of obstruction ordered by President Nixon, who resigned when he knew he…

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