Mom’s Viral Video Calls On Parents To Boycott Popular Teen Magazine

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Elizabeth Johnston, a mother of 10 who frequently comments on parenting issues through her blog, The Activist Mommy, is hoping to spark widespread backlash against a popular teen magazine with her latest social-media effort.

Johnston posted a video last week calling attention to the June issue of Teen Vogue, which she criticized for its focus on sexual content including instructions for anal sex and depictions of homosexual intercourse.

The video, which has received roughly 9 million views on Facebook as of this writing, ends with her tossing the magazine into a fire pit.

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Calling the periodical a “piece of trash,” Johnston admonished its editors for pushing adult themes in a magazine aimed at teens.

“We should not be teaching children, period, how to have sex,” she said.

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In response to the recent issue’s content, Johnston called on like-minded parents to demand retailers stop carrying Teen Vogue.

“Parents, I am asking you to go to your local gas stations, your local libraries and your local grocery stores and ask to speak to the manager, or preferably the owner, and demand that they remove Teen Vogue from their shelves immediately,” she said.

She shared an email she received from one such individual who claimed he was successful in stripping all copies of the magazine from the shelves of one supermarket.

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“These editors’ brains are in the gutter,” Johnston said in her initial video. “Now let’s put their sales in the gutter where they belong.”

She appeared on CBN News on Monday for an interview in which she shared her motivation for launching what she calls Operation Pull Teen Vogue.

“I was just so outraged when some parents sent me this article and I read it,” she said. “As a mom who has 10 children myself and I’m always trying to protect my children from oversexualization, I…

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