Moisés Kaufman on Marrying Art and Life

Zen? Minimal? All in the eye of the beholder. In any case, the décor veers toward midcentury modern. The tone was set by the first piece of furniture the couple bought together: a secondhand sideboard that quickly became the place to stow the liquor.

Name: Moisés Kaufman

Age 53 Occupation Playwright, producer, director Household Division of Labor “Jeff is from New Orleans. He’s a wonderful cook, and he knows how to eat. And I do the dishes beautifully.”

“I think it’s telling that the first adult furniture we got was the bar, right?” Mr. Kaufman said.

That bar quickly proved its usefulness. A year after moving in, the couple founded Tectonic — “quite literally, it was born in the dining room,” Mr. Kaufman said — and the apartment was the hub for the theater company for four years. “Actors would come together and read plays,” he recalled. “And afterward they would linger, which was wonderful, and we would feed them. It was what we imagined it was like for the Beat Generation in bars downtown.”

It was a simple matter to remove the folding table that sat in the dining room, run lines, then put the table back in place for, yes, smoked fish and salty talk and strong drinks. But after a few years, the amiable Mr. LaHoste had had quite enough of the floors being taped to mark off what the stage area would be when the actors got into the theater, enough of on-site emoting.

One day, Mr. Kaufman came home to find that a Heywood-Wakefield table had mysteriously taken up residence in the dining room. “I said, ‘That’s a beautiful table, Jeffrey, but how are we going to rehearse here?’ Mr. Kaufman recalled. “And Jeffrey said, ‘Exactly. No more rehearsals here.’”

Mr. LaHoste sighed. “I’m going to come off very badly here,” he said. “But anyone who works from…

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