MLB trade rumor grade: Sonny Gray to the Dodgers?

Sonny Gray is getting traded before Monday afternoon, that much has all but been decided by now. Teams as far reaching as the Yankees, Brewers, Astros, Mariners, and Braves have been connected to the A’s star but where he will most likely end up seems to shift every day.

While he has been connected to the Dodgers through various rumors during the past week,’s Jon Morosi is now saying that the Dodgers are “increasingly confident” that they will end up with either Yu Darvish, Justin Verlander, or Sonny Gray before everything is said and done.

Of those three options, Gray is currently the most likely to be traded to someone over the weekend (if not sooner). So we’re here to figure out how realistic it is that he could be heading down the coast from Oakland to LA.

What the A’s would gain from trading Sonny Gray

As has already been discussed many times over, the A’s want to trade Sonny Gray. He’s out of there. They’re going to get a good return for him, and it’s only the size of that return that is up for debate at this point.

Trading him to the Dodgers would work out nicely for Oakland, especially when taking stock of their other potential trade partners and what they could offer. The Yankees could provide what they are looking for as their crop of young prospects are enough to

stack up against the Dodgers’. But compared to say, the Mariners, LA is way out front with the prospects they have on offer.

With young talent like Willie Calhoun, Alex Verdugos, Walker Buehler, Alex Verdugo, and Yadier Alvarez available, the A’s would be smart to partner with the Dodgers and capitalize on that talent for their rebuilding process.

What the Dodgers would gain from trading for Sonny Gray

While it was likely before this development, the Dodgers are now definitely looking for starting pitching support now that Clayton Kershaw is once again dealing with a back injury that could derail him for longer than they expect or hope.

They could…

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