MiraBurst Enjoys Successful Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Vitamin EPPS Event

“As we continue to grow, we’re always looking for opportunities like EPPS to show people the benefits of Miraburst,” said Dr. Asare.

MiraBurst, a brand with a line of easy-melt tablets with miracle berries as the primary ingredient, strengthened bonds with major retailers at the annual Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Vitamin Efficient Program Planning Session (EPPS).

This popular ECRM event gives suppliers the opportunity to highlight their products to retail buyers influential in the American market. From June 25 to 28 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Arizona, buyers and sellers gathered in one of the industry’s major events.

“Our goal is to continue to push MiraBurst’s availability and profile,” said Dr. Emmanuel Asare, founder of MiraBurst. “EPPS represented an ideal chance to do that. We’re excited to have made some many connections with industry players that will help position our product in the American market.”

The product is based on the miracle berry, which is grown in West Africa. Dr. Asare became familiar with this unique berry that changes the taste of all sour and acidic fruits, foods and drinks, including grapefruits, lemon water and apple cider vinegar in lemon water. The berry transforms liquids into a delicious and sweet flavor for up to 90 minutes without the aid of sugar or other sweeteners.

For hundreds of years local tribes have used the berry as a flavor enhancer, swishing around the pulp of the berries in their mouths to improve the taste of particularly sour or acidic foods. Now, Dr. Asare has been able to capture all these benefits in a formulation that comes in the form of an easy-melt tablet and is available all over the world.

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