MINA Breaking News – Peterson: Progressives are Marxists, just go by new name

Communist principles in postmodernism were spread under the guise of identity politics

Communism was not popularized in the West under the direct banner of
communism. Instead, it came largely under the banner of postmodernism,
and aimed to transform the values and beliefs of our societies through
its Marxist idea that knowledge and truth are social constructs.

Under it, a new wave of skepticism and distrust was applied to
philosophy, culture, history, and all beliefs and institutions at the
foundations of Western society.

The postmodern philosophy “came into vogue” in the 1970s, according to
Jordan Peterson, Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of
psychology at the University of Toronto, “after classic Marxism,
especially of the economic type, had been so thoroughly discredited that
no one but an absolute reprobate could support it publicly.”

Peterson said it’s not possible to understand our current society
without considering the role postmodernism plays within it, “because
postmodernism, in many ways-especially as it’s played out politically-is
the new skin that the old Marxism now inhabits.”

“Even the French intellectuals had to admit that communism was a bad
deal by the end of the 1960s,” he said. From there, the communists
played a “sleight of hand game, in some sense,” and rebranded their
ideology “under a postmodern guise.”

“That’s where identity politics came from,” he said. And from there, it
“spread like wildfire” from France, to the United States through the
English department at Yale University, “and then everywhere.”Marxism
preached that the natural and economic landscape is a battle between the
so-called proletariat and the bourgeois. It claimed that economic
systems were going to enslave people and keep them down, Peterson said.

In practice, however, communism repeatedly showed it made things worse.
It was put into place in many parts of the world throughout the 20th
century “with…

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