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For six years, Will Trigg, a guitarist and St. Joseph resident, has been travelling to Kansas City to jam with drummer Eric Forder.

In early May, those hours spent, miles traveled and energy exerted was rewarded when their band, Watching The Fall, was rewarded with a spot on the 2017 Rockfest lineup.

“It took awhile … but we held on long enough to find the right members and (if you) wait long enough, the sun will shine, I guess,” Trigg says.

Before the band performs a Rockfest Saturday, June 3, at the Kansas Speedway, it will be busy blowing the roof off of Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall for its “Metal Night” with band Kilmaat and Until The Worlds End at 9 p.m. Saturday, May 27.

The announcement of the band winning the spot on the Rockfest lineup took the group, which also includes Ryan Bucksner on vocals and Jason Strickland on bass, by complete surprise.

With the Rockfest announcement landing on his birthday, Forder had woken up to text messages saying “Congratulations.”

“I thought everyone was saying ‘Congratulations’ for my birthday, which I was like ‘It’s just my birthday, no big deal.’ They were like ‘No, it’s Rockfest. You won!’” he says.

The same type of surprise washed over the entire band in the form of messages, Facebook statuses and, finally, the announcement on 98.9 The Rock.

“The first few days, we’ve just been floating above the ground, like ‘This isn’t really happening.’ And then it just hit us,” Bucksner says.

While elated, the band quickly came back down to Earth when it realized it will have to make sure its show is primed and ready to destroy in Kansas City, Kansas.

“For the first few days, it was like ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe this is happening. Then the last couple days,…

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