Maximising ROI from IT Program Management

Companies decide to outsource IT Program Management, for many reasons.  There are several challenges in doing in in-house. Also, the in-house IT team seldom has the time to perform these activities, independently. Moreover they may not have the expertise, either. Companies have learnt it the hard way and that too after investing huge money that outsourcing IT program Management is the best solution. It also saves them lot of money and time.

Companies outsource this activity, due to an important reason. They are not able to handle IT Project Management challenges with their in-house IT team. Investments in IT Project related activities do not yield the necessary results, if project management activities are handled independently by the in-house IT team. It is not only about time and money. Sometimes, they are not able to handle the activities, due to issues beyond their control, for instance, downtime. Companies have two options regarding IT Project Management. Either outsource…

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