Matty J meets the girls. And someone farts

Matty J had to suffer through some interesting introductions on The Bachelor, as some first impressions missed the mark.

Natalie lets one rip on The Bachelor.

MATTY J’s much anticipated return to The Bachelor has been sullied by a moist palm, a putrid dress and one potential lover letting one rip.

Last time we saw the 30-year-old marketing manager, he was doubled over in a sea of mulched roses after Georgia Love unceremoniously tore his heart out in front of the nation.

He said he was heartbroken. He worried he would never recover. He was ruined.

But it’s amazing how $200,000 and a team of crafty producers can make everything feel better again.

So we are all back.

And the team around him are pulling out all the stops to make him the most desirable man in Australia.

Here he is running shirtless on the beach!

Nice.Source:Channel 10

Did we mention he also showers?!

Cripes he might be the whole package.Source:Channel 10

And here he is with a BER-BEH!


On Wednesday night, Matty J meets the 21 girls hand-picked to either steal his heart, cause drama or pose for a future near-nude photospread in Maxim magazine. Casting is all about striking a fine balance.

The first girl to clamour out of the limousine and meet Matty J is 24-year-old Alix. She tells us she’s a professional body painter, and she says it with a straight face. I applied neon-coloured zinc to the face of a really hot guy at a music festival once, so I consider Alix a colleague.

An actual job.Source:Channel 10

She tells Matty J she has a nervous eye twitch and he thinks it’s totally adorable. I have a nervous habit where my anxiety gets so out of control in a social setting my therapist makes me count white-coloured objects in the room so I don’t collapse, so I know exactly what Alix is feeling in this moment.

Next up is Tara — a nanny who prefers to describe everything in life as either “hectic” or “epic”.

She has some kind of stickfigure tattooed behind her…

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