Marriott Design VP to Deliver the Closing Keynote at CONNECT Mobile CX Summit

David Kepron, vice president of global design strategies for Marriott International, will deliver the closing keynote at CONNECT: The Mobile CX Summit next month in Philadelphia.

David Kepron, Vice President of Global Design Strategies for Marriott International, will share his insights on the pervasiveness of digital media and how its integration to consumers’ lives is influencing the structure of their brains as well as the physical environment. Kepron will be the closing keynote speaker at the upcoming CONNECT: The Mobile CX Summit.

The event, taking place August 21-23 in Philadelphia, will explore the many opportunities that retailers, restaurants and other B2C enterprises have for leveraging mobile and digital channels to build brands, increase sales and improve customer engagement, experience and loyalty.

Kepron’s session, entitled “Mobile, Minds and Merchandise” and sponsored by Brandify, will speak to how digital place-based media, handheld devices and emerging technologies are changing the way retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and myriad other businesses need to communicate with their customers.

As Kepron notes, millennials are all the focus of many businesses, and there is a generation of emerging guests for whom expectations about how brand experiences should unfold are changing the paradigm of what a branded experience will be in a digitally mediated future.

The session will also address why the evolution of digital technologies will promote a move in the creation of experience from the hands of the designer to those of the consumer enabled with mobile digital devices.

In his vice president role, Kepron’s focus is on the creation of compelling customer experiences within a unique group of Marriott brands called the…

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