Markets await US growth and trade data as Trump boom continues – business live | Business

For the last few weeks markets have been weighing up the prospect of whether the US Federal Reserve will look to raise rates at its March meeting.

The odds of a move have fluctuated between lows of 24% at the beginning of February and a peak of 44% in the wake of Fed Chief Janet Yellen’s testimony to US lawmakers on Capitol Hill when she said that it would be “unwise” to wait too long before raising rates.

Since that January Fed meeting it has been clear that the US economy has continued to show signs of improvement, and while the probability of a Fed rate rise has now risen to 50%, certain members of the committee appear paralysed by concerns about what the new US President might look to do with respect to his tax and fiscal policy…

Today the President is due to address a joint session of Congress, and it is clear that we can expect to see him flesh out in greater detail of his new fiscal plans, with the eyes of the markets and the world on him, and with US markets…

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