Marketing product during Patent Pending

Any new idea or thought that flashes your mind and can make you earn profits should have the stamp of your ownership. Therefore it is essential to get your idea patented which will help you to protect your invention getting copied by any other party. In this regards government has also introduced patent registration that gives you a legal right for any new or useful product created by you.

There are number of procedures that are needed to be followed to ensure that the patent has been filed correctly. Each country has its own laws of getting the patent registered. However the motto of each law is to provide ownership to the inventor for his creation. Another thing you need to perform before patent registration is conducting a patent search worldwide to check if your idea is already patented by some other party. Patent search should be carried out by skilled researcher by using specialized skills and techniques. 

A patent examiner is the person who decides the uniqueness of your product and the need for getting it patented. If your product is approved, it gets a patent and if not, it gets rejected. In such cases, you can fight for your claim and argue against it through a patent attorney. You can search for a patent attorney either online or through directories. They can help you to re-submit your application and get justice if your product is really worth.

Before getting your idea patented, it is also essential to get complete knowledge about extracting commercial benefits from your invention. Marketing and manufacturing of your product can be carried out during patent pending. It is necessary to include the term ‘patent pending’ on all your manufactured products until the official patent is issued. This makes the other inventors and marketers aware that the application process has already begun and it’s only a matter of time before a twenty year patent is granted. Also once the actual application has started, only the inventor or manufacturer…

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