Mark D. Rose Shares Story of “Last of the Long Hunters”

His experiences living in Alaska in his youth, his aviation career and his encounter with God in a life or death crisis while flying inspired Mark D. Rose to write “Last of the Long Hunters: Exploits of a Young Arctic Pilot” (published by WestBow Press). This is part history book, an adventure story and survival manual.

The book tells the story of Rose as a young pilot who flew the Alaskan Arctic while it was still a frontier. The events recorded represent a tribute to those who blazed the Alaskan wilderness trails by air in those early days, contributing to the development of the state in innumerable ways. This account occurred prior to the dispersal of Alaska lands into parks and native land withdrawals in the 1970s; however, Rose added an overview of the main events regarding aviation history in general, looking back as far as Vitus Bering, which he feels could not be left out of the general subject of long hunters.

“I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about not only the existence of God, but His character,” Rose says. “In the book, I relate that in fact God sees our life, and further, is a great guy. He reached out to me when I humbled myself and first reached out to Him in my crisis need. After He spoke to me, I put together that He had miraculously acted to save my life many times prior. Give God a chance, read the Bible through, find the Creator and His Son. That’s the final message of the book.”

Rose believes that anyone interested in Alaska, adventure, wilderness and flying will love the book. He encourages every pilot to own a copy because he includes many safety tips embedded in the story and an appendix covering mountain flying safe practices that will save lives. Readers may also check his website at

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