Make the Frito Pie that keeps on giving – The Denver Post

By Cathy Barrow, Special to The Washington Post

Scissor open a snack-size bag of corn chips, spoon in chili, cheese and sour cream and you have a walking taco, a.k.a. Frito Pie. The birthplace of this personal meal in a bag is unclear —  possibly Mexico, Texas or even a Santa Fe five-and-dime lunch counter. Regardless, Frito Pie has become part of America’s culinary vernacular. Quite simply, this is a joyous food delivery system.

I’ve eaten my share of Frito Pies, and while I struggle to achieve the right ratio of chips to chili, I’ll never turn one down. Still, nothing else had satisfied like that delightful combination of crunch, spicy heat and sweet corn —  until I began to dream of a baking sheet filled with those tastes.

My Tex Mex Frito Slab Pie starts with a delicate crust of corn bread and layers on chipotle-laced chili, plenty of sharp cheese and crushed Fritos Corn Chips. This is a family-friendly meal fit for a potluck, a neighborhood gathering or an…

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