LVL UP Was Not Going to Break Up if It Did Not Get a Record Deal

Contrary to what you may have read on the internet, LVL UP was not going to break up if they didn’t sign to Sub Pop.

There is a difference between the truth and the legend, but the myth took off and gave the lo-fi rock band, with origins in Purchase, New York, an edge when moving into the crowded Brooklyn music scene. In hindsight, the quartet really didn’t need the help. Return To Love, the third album from Mike Caridi, Greg Rutkin, Dave Benton, and Nick Corbo, is a confident piece of work from musicians who are clearly coming into their own.

Benton, who is the co-founded the indie label Double Double Whammy (Eskimeaux, Frankie Cosmos) with Caridi, cleared up the story that has now become part of the band’s DNA when speaking to New Times recently. Corbo joined just as we talked about the band’s several stops in Phoenix over the years, hitting their stride in college, and what up-and-coming bands can do to get the support they need to make it to the next level.


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