Living with Presbyopia – Not so Difficult After All

If you’re around 40 years old and/or approaching middle age, you may have noticed that you’re arms are “getting longer”.  This “long arm syndrome” is known in the medical world as Presbyopia.  Fact is, most people approaching their silver age suffer from this degenerative eye condition.  Basically, the once young and flexible eye lens begins to age and harden.  The lack of flexibility in the eye lens prevents the ability to change focus from something at a distance to something up close.

You may notice that after a long day, your eyes are strained.  Some may feel a stinging sensation while others may develop a dull headache.  This is caused by overworking the eye muscles and squinting.  In rare cases, some may even experience nausea as a result of too much eye stress during the day hours.  

Unfortunately there isn’t much a person can do to prevent Presbyopia.  No amount of exercise or healthy eating and/or healthy…

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