List of Penny Stocks: Identify Hot Stocks to Invest

Though penny stocks are named after the term penny, they are not the stocks that are available for spending pennies. Nevertheless, they are far cheaper than the cost of the blue-chip stocks. Since the cost per share of these stocks is much less, they are known as penny stocks and are being traded all over the world by experts as well as novices. $5 is generally the price that is used here and the stocks that cost less than this are considered penny stocks. If you are interested in trading any of these stocks, it is good to have a list of penny stocks from reliable source and study the moves of specific stocks in recent past.

Just keep in mind that although the penny stocks are inexpensive to buy, they can shoot up at any height if the stars are properly aligned. But, depending on them to get rich overnight is not suggested. There is risk in trading these stocks and before doing this; you should learn a number of things so that you have maximum chances of being successful. It is…

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