Life Coaching: Purpose, Renewal, and Rejuvenation

There comes a time in almost anyone’s life that one is burdened with such relentless difficulty that smiling alone is almost painful. However, as these stories of redemption tell, there is always hope.

It is normal, especially for adolescents, to be frustrated and dissatisfied because they are in the process of finding their place and purpose in the world. The same is true for emerging adults who are finding out if they are on the right career path and whether any choice they make would lead them to their ultimate dreams or not. There are life coaching programs that help these people “find their way back.”

There are many reasons why people are unhappy, but these all boil down to one thing: They do not know what they want. Perhaps the more appropriate word here is “desire”, which describes deep craving for something that satisfies this longing and cements their purpose and value as a person. Some people want to become a writer, but they really desire to contribute something meaningful to their culture or society. Some people want to become athletes, but they really desire to do something they love and be respected for it.

As anybody would learn in any life coaching program, goals do not necessarily have to be grandiose. It can be as plain as raising a healthy, happy family in a quaint and comfortable home. Along with this, men and women alike particularly desire to produce healthy babies and raise them as respectable and well-adjusted citizens. Individually, they desire to have stable income with enough time to spare for rest and recreation.

Rest and recreation is essential in the renewal of oneself. Denied of this, people tend to become irritable and sour; it is the natural reaction to becoming overworked or deprived of the allotted time for rest and recreation. It is true that life in the urban world is becoming increasingly fast-paced, but people must allot at least an hour a day to perform soul-enriching activities. These are…

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