New Atlanta stadium construction delay won’t impact Alabama-FSU, organizer says

For just $465. 79, a fan can buy a scalped ticket to Section 326, Row 25 of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to catch Alabama’s season opener with Florida State. Still 139 days from kickoff, this Labor Day weekend recreation would become essentially the most anticipated Week 1 meeting in years. It’s not just a possible top-five showdown in play here. Alabama-Florida State is the first college game they’ll play in Atlanta’s new artistic sequel to the soon-to-be-gone Georgia Dome. There’s only one thing: Construction of the $1. 5 billion stadium hasn’t gone as planned. Originally scheduled to open last month, the completion date used to be first pushed again to June 1.
More recently, the doors were set to open July 30 — just over a month before the Crimson Tide and Seminoles arrive in Atlanta for the Sept. 2 game. For anyone concerned about the delays impacting kickoff, the CEO of the Peach Bowl that’s hosting the game, isn’t worried. “We have full assurances from the Falcons that everything’s going to be fine with the stadium,” Gary Stokan told AL. com. He pointed to the NFL’s release of the preseason schedule as a purpose for comfort. The second two of the four weeks for exhibition games can be played in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
The intent for construction delays, widely mentioned in recent months, is with the distinctive retractable roof. “Yeah, there’s no reason for a backup plan simply because everything is going to be ready,” Stokan said. “The roof is going to be fine and actually that’s the sole thing … construction-wise everything else is before schedule or on schedule. ”
The Georgia Dome demolition process began in March after its last event, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported . The turf playing box is already gone. Both schools effectively offered their 30,000 tickets allotted for the game. Face worth ranged from $50 for several thousand student tickets to $250 for lower-level club seats. The new stadium…

Read the full article at the original Source.. . it is laborious not to be moved by the adventure when you walk across that bridge, as I just did with John Lewis. I kept thinking: What was going through those people’s minds when they saw the heaps of men on horseback with billy golf equipment and guns who were watching for them at the ground of the hill wherein i am standing now?
They had to anticipate the worst. But they marched anyway, because they were found to get something that they had never had — the good to vote. And as a result of what they did, they made America a smarter place for all of us. Alabama State Troopers swing billy clubs to break up a civil rights voting march at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, March 7, 1965. AP

But I wonder if, 50 years later, do we take as a right now what they did? Have we become so disgusted with dysfunctional government that we have forgotten the vote is our best way and our leading weapon…

Read the full article at the Original Source.. .
February 18, 2017

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